Acting Production workshop led by Director Leo Thaddeus.

A complete film making experience for our N12 batch acting students. Not only they got an opportunity to act under the lights of Leo sir but they got a chance to manage the entire production work for the movie, right from costumes ,commuting to set design, almost everything was managed by the students themselves. So they not only got an opportunity to act in front of the camera but also they were able to understand that how much of hard work goes in behind the camera too.

This was an ultimate platform to understand that making a movie is not a one man show or it is not just the hero who is responsible for the success of a film, rather it is a team work which makes a feature film successful.

Camera for the days shoot was done by Cinematographer faculty Pradeep Badhar.

It was a first time outdoor shoot experience for the N12 batch acting students. Story and script was done by the students themselves.

Through this workshop the students were able to understand the importance of team work and management required to complete a feature film shooting.Leo sir_Acting WS-15 Leo sir_Acting WS-2 Leo sir_Acting WS-3 Leo sir_Acting WS-7 Leo sir_Acting WS-11


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