Why do parents say that our creative talent is useless to earn a living??

This is a big question what the youth in India has been facing since generations. While we are at school our parents encourage our creative talent, but once the school is over, all of a sudden they  they ask us to get serious and take up a course such as engineering,, medicine, etc, so that we would be able to earn a living for ourselves and automatically would lead a secured life. They may be right on their side, because no parent would like to see their son or daughter struggling in the future. The main reason is that they have seen highly talented people fail in their career. they have seen more failure stories than success stories around them.

But they do not know the exact reason of their failure. These people might be highly talented but lack the expertise to manage their talent and end up reaching nowhere in their lives.

Finally management along with technology finds a place in art education curriculum. The innovative course design and curriculum at NEO has proven  its merit by making very young talents into highly successful creative professionals in a surprisingly short span of time.

NEO  has given confidence and hope  to many that their creative talent can be used to earn a living. A proper guidance will give them a clear path to follow.

So chase your passion and lead a LIFE FULL OF LIFE with your god gifted uniqueness.


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