Mission Thermocol – An Initiative From Neo Film School

As Gandhiji said, ‘be the change’. We at Neo, will not use Thermocol for any of our art direction works or set construction.. we have to find out an alternative for LIGHT BOUNCING without Thermocol during our shootings within 90 days..

We have to declare our campus as a Thermocol Free Campus within 90 days.. These three are the objectives we keep for this 90 days.
We are announcing a poster contest for Mission Thermocol # Awareness against White Killer. With a first prize of Rs.10000. It’s high time we remove Thermocol from our houses.. it’s sometimes shocking to see our Children are given school projects using Thermocol.

No waste management team (government or private) will take this material from your premises.. then what are we citizens supposed to do with these? It leads to a more important question .. Why should the government allow the market to sell such a material? Aren’t these questions to be asked? Can’t we find out answers for this? Next 90 days we put our level best to find answers .. And we strongly believe we can bring in a change, however little it may seem … WE BEGIN!
Jain Joseph (FTII, Pune | IIM, Ahmedabad)
Director, Neo Film School.


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